Art in all shapes and forms, from buildings, to sculptures, statues to paintings.

British people are well known for their taste in art, making purchases, conserving and displaying our spectacular pieces is a shameless and pride-filled task. Not only are the people of the UK proud of their taste in the arts but also the government enjoys splurging on masterpieces.

All over the capital city there is evidence of the impeccable taste in art that the British have, hotels near Marble Arch have the beauty and the detail of the Arch to compliment them, then there is the beauty of Trafalgar Square, people only have to spend time in MoMA to experience and witness the spectacular taste and quality the UK collects when it comes to art work.

The British Government have buildings all around the world and in each of the buildings there is a significant amount of art, each year, according to gac.culture, the government have a budget that they are able to use for Art, they can purchase new pieces and either exchange or sell some of the existing art works they have, it must be stated that it is not very often that pieces of art, whether they be paintings, portraits, statues, are sold on, it is fair to comment that the collection just gets bigger.

For over a century, the government had proudly displayed their art collections in their buildings all over the world. Choosing the art work isn’t an easy task, many weeks and months of research goes into each piece that becomes available, and each item will have its own story, some are of strength, others are of unfinished endings and some show that the story continues. Art is a deep and meaningful expression of thought and feelings, a picture can tell a thousand stories and this is why the collection takes years in the purchasing process. Anyone who loves art will tell you that there is no rush with it, and taking in each ounce of detail, standing back and being able to appreciate it is half of the fun of making the purchase, if it does not captivate you and make you question the piece what is the point, wondering and unanswered questions is the high light of many art works.

Each of the government buildings around the world; Embassies and High Commissions, Consulates, and other buildings all have their own collections and each set will tell a different story and have a different theme running through the walls. The Government Art Culture have stated that ever 3-5 years the artistic creations around the world are changed, they are up dated and positions are shifted and themes are sometimes re located around the world and the time that it takes to go through the visions is something of a consuming task and no sooner have they been re homed into different positions the whole process will start again, and years of planning and purchasing will commence. It takes a very specific and qualified individual to be able to arrange, collect and re design the walls and collections. Each vision should tell a story and compliment the next image.
GAC, located in London is a museum of government art collections, it is not a tourist attraction, although, if you are interested in art and you do want to see what the government has lined up for its latest collections and displays you can book onto one of the many tours that are help throughout the year. Many of the pieces that are not on display are located within the government offices and will not be available for viewing, either until they have been re homed after a few years or pictures are leaked. No member of the public has ever or will ever witness and see the entire collection.

Whilst many pieces of art are kept out of the public eye, there are also many that are made available for viewing, there is art not just in the form of paintings but also when you look at the exterior of many buildings around the city. The Natural History Museum, Houses of Parliament, St Pauls Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge and so many more, beautiful buildings that become the focus of many iconic landscapes. London is the home of some of the most beautiful and artistic buildings that have stood proudly for centuries. Art is not classified as a painting on a canvas, anything with meaning, beauty and soul to it is art, hence why buildings as well as sculptures are art-forms.

Please follow the links below if you are interested in booking a tour of GAC, also please note that some of the information has been gathered from the following web sites.

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