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London, the capital of the United Kingdom has made a big place for itself in the list of world’s hottest tourist destinations. Everything that can fascinate, delight and excite the visitors is present in London and hence the city remains crowded with travelers every day of the year. With its majestic palaces, historic monuments, statues, bridges, heritage buildings, art galleries, museums, cultural centers and excellent eateries, London offers a magnificent package to the wanderlusts. If one starts making a list of tourist attractions of London it is quite possible that he/she will give up half way because the list would be endless. However, a few sites that are highlights of a London trip are Buckingham Palace, Westminster abbey, London Eye, Hyde Park and Marble Arch.

Marble Arch:

For people who are interested in architecture and sculpture, the Marble Arch offers a great treat for the eyes and brain. Standing atop a traffic island at the meeting point of Park Lane, Oxford Street and Edgware Road, the Marble Arch is a Carrara marble monument. Though the fascinating monument catches the eyeballs of people from quite a long distance for its bright white appearance, the Marble Arch has got quite a colorful history.

History of Marble Arch:

The monument was actually designed as the ceremonial entrance to the new building of Buckingham Palace in the year 1825. The design of the arch is the creation of John Nash, who at that time was rebuilding the Buckingham. The Marble Arch was positioned at one of the open sides of the inner courtyards of the palace. Work for its construction was started in 1827 but was stopped three years later due to spiraling costs. Work restarted in 1832 and was completed in 1833. Though it was built with supreme quality marble, the Arch lost its brightness in 14 years due to pollution and hence was moved to its today’s location in the year 1851.

The design:

The design of the Marble Arch is influenced by the Arch of Constantine in Rome. In its initial stage, the Marble Arch was embellished with wonderful sculptures which included the statue of George V. An architectural model of the original look of the Marble Arch is now placed at the Victoria and Albert Musuem. The model shows scenes from naval engagements on one side of the Arch and relief from the Battle of Waterloo on the other.

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