How to make friends in London

Friendship with Londoners is not at all times an easy place to make fresh friends. You need to also be careful while you make friends. Londoners are not notorious for being mainly friendly, as this is the city where people are avoiding eye contact at any place  But on the other side, London is most multi-cultural city in the world and about 8 million people living in London one can surely make friendship!

There are no criteria whether you are new comer to the city or have lived here for few days or period and are getting fed up of your existing friends, and then there are many techniques to discover new friends in London:

Join a group

Most prominent way to get friends is to join a group or association. Search a group which emphases on a precise interest of yours and you will proximately have something in communal with everybody in the group which will make it very easier to form contacts and friendships.

Book Club

Practically there are many groups for almost everything in London – Book Clubs are very famous in London, as well as groups concentrating on art, melody, conviction, camerawork, walking, weaving, theatre and many more norms.

The stress-free way to search groups in your area is accessible but you can also prefer Local newspapers and shop windows for this purpose. But do remember to be alert and make sure the groups get-together in a public area and always keep informed someone where you are going.

Take admission in a sports club

Though you are not to be good at sports to join a sports club – there are sufficiently of unprofessional groups where you can come across people and get friendship with them at the same time!

The option is to join a sports club i.e. for training and matches, football players which meet every week, a learners group if you ever wanted to play squash? This is the right time to learn or fitness class at a local gym on regular basis. You can also go for the London hotel spa package deals. One can find it difficult to make friendship to people in the class at first but after some period i.e. after  a couple of weeks and by seeing the same faces, it will be stress-free to make some conversation and you could also invite for post workout coffee at nearest cafe shop.

Enrolling English Class

Taking admission and enrolling English Class Course is a great way to make friends as you will habitually be refreshed to speak to the other learners while you are in the class. In London, there are various courses for almost anything– if you ever required learning how to play a device or any type of instrument, learning of a new language or like to learn how to dance, there are classes suit to you.

And if you are not a Londoner, then the best option is to join an English language course in your stay at London? There are countless English schools in London, namely Bloomsbury International, where students from all around the world are there and you will meet these students who also want to make friends and you will be able to mix in your classes as well as on social events planned by the school.

Speed dating

Quick dating is an excessive way to make fresh friends, if you are a single.  More or less every night, there are dating occasions taking place in the city!

At this event time, you will naturally sit at a small table opposing someone else. You will have almost 5 minutes to express to each other and then one of you will need to transfer to the next table. Five minutes may not seems to be long period of time but it’s generally long adequate to know if you have a connection with somebody and wish to meet them again. Here, you will also get a chance to speak to at least 20 different people one by one. The chances of finding love at the occasion is negligible but you might end up speaking to somebody who you get along with nicely, may be at the table or after speaking to people at the end of the occasion.


There are various and enormous ways to volunteer in London wherever you can make friends and feel like you are assisting people at the same time. You could start volunteering from a charity shop or at any call center, in an animal shelter, at a sports event and many more other places.

There is one more way to meet people is by searching a paid job in London at any restaurant, café or bar. It is beneficial as you not only meet other staff members, but you will also meet and speaks with various customers also.

Join Meetings

Joint Meetings is an eccentric way to meet people with the same interests as you. It is fundamentally an enormous network of groups which have been planned by local people that focus on an infinite number of events and hobbies, from language conversation and interesting meetings to pub salsa dancing. You will start receiving messages informing you when the group meeting is planned and you can decide whether or not to join them. The most prominent thing about these groups is that everyone is in the same ship as you – they all are very much interested to meet people as you are.

Be brave

Be brave while making new friends is very important. Not too frightened to make the primary step. The place may be your class, a bar, or a canteen at work or on public conveyance, no damage in starting a conversation with somebody and see that they are also happy to chat with you.

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