London: Tips for Experiencing London

The hotels in Oxford Street London epitomise the perfect opportunity to conveniently experience the best of London. Staying in a central accommodation in London is perhaps the number one tip we can give you. It makes everything easy to access and it saves you the trouble of having to commute long distances to get to the main attractions of the capital. After all, the most visited venues and tourist spots are nestled right in central London. That doesn’t mean to say you won’t be commuting at all.  You’ll still take advantage of the underground, and the London buses – but your journeys will be quick and seamless.  Even though everything worth visiting is relatively close, you’ll still need to use the excellent public transport service to get the full breadth of the London experience.

London is a city of passion and excitement and we want you to make the most of your time there. And so, in this post we’ll be sharing a number of tips that should help provide you with a complete experience of the most visited tourist city in the world. Firstly, you want to research your accommodation thoroughly in advance. We believe that the Marble Arch London Hotel is one of the finest hotel accommodations you can pick. But you have a range of selected choices. After you’ve booked your stay at one of the hotels in Oxford Street London, your next step will be making a list of the spots you want to visit. This will allow you to get a picture in your mind of how you’re going to take advantage of your stay in the city.

Although we’ve pointed out the necessity of using public transport (which you should use with an Oyster card to get cheaper prices) we also recommend that you walk as much as possible. This allows you take pleasure in the smaller details of the city, to smell the scents, hear the sounds, and clearly see the sights, and get a more refined sense of what London’s atmosphere is like. So for instance, by walking from the hotels in Oxford Street in London you can get to Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus, and Hyde Park. The latter represents one of the finest parks in England – with over 19 hectares of lush, green spaces. Besides that, during Christmas time, you’ll find tons of sales and as such – if shopping for great deals on clothes is one of your priorities, we whole heartedly recommend that you visit the capitals department stores during Christmas. The hotels in Oxford Street London usually tend to be quite busy during this time so we urge you to book your stay far in advance.

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