London Tube Travel Information

If you are wondering, how would you travel around London then the simple answer to this is the tube or the underground which is popularly known by the Londoners.
It is advisable to carry a Transport for London’s Journey Planner as it helps in deciding your journey. Most f the lines are interconnected which allows you to change various tubes in order to select the quickest and the shortest distance.
In order to get more information you can go through the Transport for London website.
Free London Tube Maps and Guides
The tube map is very freely available at every tube station or even the stationary stores. If you want to plan your journey in advance then you can also download the map from the internet.
London’s Tube Network
There are 12 tube line which run across London along with the Docklands (DLR) and an unified local train network. The tube operates from 5Am until midnight seven days a week. There are some tubes which have a reduced operating service in bank holidays and Sundays which are informed beforehand so as to avoid inconvenience.
Tips for Tube Travelers
There are few things which one must keep in mind while travelling by tube
• Try to avoid travelling during peak hours
• Always check the route of the train once you have boarded it
• Follow the direction while standing on the escalator
Zones and Tube Fares
London is divided into 6 travel zone. Zone 1 and 2 are covered in Central London and other zones are spread across London. While purchasing the day travel card or the Oyster card one must see which all zones he wishes to travel.
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