Never a Dull Moment When You Stay Near Oxford Street

Visiting London means coming to stay in the heart of a vibrant, bustling, crowded city in which there is always something happening. Indeed, the nature of the city is such that there are always bound to be many things clamouring for your attention simultaneously, and the only difficulty will be choosing which you’ve got the time and energy to enjoy. The key to making sure that you get to participate in as much of the life of the city as possible lies in choosing the right accommodation, and , in particular, making sure that you don’t neglect the location because you’re too busy worrying about other factors. If your hotel is miles away from the parts of London which appeal to you, then it really won’t matter how comfortable and luxurious it is, you’ll still feel annoyed and irritated by the fact that you have to spend a large amount of time every day of your trip travelling back and forth.

If you stay in one of the many excellent hotels near Oxford Street, on the other hand, you’ll be just a short walk away from the kind of shops, clubs, pubs, restaurants, venues and events which make London the tourist haven that it is. The shops along Oxford street are perhaps its’ most potent and well known selling point, since the stretch of pavement between Marble Arch and St Giles Circus is one of the busiest, most varied and famed shopping thoroughfares in the entire country. There are over 300 different outlets on and around Oxford Street, ranging from small independent boutiques all the way up to the flagship versions of well-known high street names such as Top Shop and Debenhams and the iconic and historically resonant Selfridges and Co.

When the sun goes down and the shops finally close their doors, Oxford Street comes to life in its’ other guise as a nightlife and entertainment hub. Venues within a 10 minute walk of Oxford Street tube station include the world famous London Palladium, the Soho Theatre, Wigmore Hall, Gielgud Theatre, the Criterion Theatre, the Prince Edward Theatre and the legendary Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club. Whether you like cutting edge theatre, hit musicals, classical music or jazz performances, you’re bound to be able to find something to enjoy, even if it’s just sharing a drink and some time together in one of the many traditional London pubs up and down Oxford Street.

During the next few months of this year, for example, visitors staying near to Oxford Street will be able to enjoy events as varied as Horrid Henry’s 20th Birthday book signing, which takes place at Selfridges on the 29th May, a performance of Mozart’s Piano Sonata In F by Francesco Piemontesi, which takes place on the same date at Wigmore Hall and, at the National Portrait Gallery until the 1st June, an exhibition of portraits entitled Bailey’s Stardust, featuring iconic images of celebrities from the past 5 decades taken by world famous photographer David Bailey.

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