Royal Shakespeare Theatre’s Makes a Mark with the Tempest

We all have read William Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ at least once. The play has been by adapted by many film makers and theatre companies across the world. And recently, it was showcased at London’s Roundhouse at Chalk Farm Road at West End. Directed by David Farr, this is latest of the Shipwreck Trilogy presented by Royal Shakespeare Company.

Rated as the best, Farr’s Tempest is the climax of the trilogy and explores the emotions of Prospero very effectively. Though the plot remains true to the masterpiece created by Shakespeare, the ensemble cast makes it even better. The mix bag of actors such as Jonathan Slinger as Prospero, Bruce Mackinnon as Stephano, Cecelia Noble as Spirit, Emilly Taffe as Miranda, Sargon Yelda as Adrian, Kevin McMongale as Alonso, Amer Hiehel as Caliban, and many more bring life to the Shakespeare’s characters at Roadhouse making it memorable for the audience. One can truly see the richness of the characters and the director’s vision which unites the emotions to make you understand it and believe it for the two and half hour running time of the play.

Though the plot is not new, what makes it an interesting watch is Farr’s take on a few classic scenes. For example, who would have thought of portraying Ariel the spirit in a sand covered body suit? Farr does exactly that and manages to squeeze out a memorable performance out of Sandy Grierson who portrays Ariel in this adaptation and manages to present a character which is a better reflection of Prospero – his master.

The Royal Shakespeare Theatre guided by the formidable David Farr manages to bring to life one of the classics and take the audience on a ride of a lifetime featuring goddesses and harpies in a world where the good is rewarded and the bad is scourged.

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