Six Flags Over Georgia

Six Flags Over Georgia is an amusement park near Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The park, which first opened in 1967, offers a variety of rides, from towering coasters to classic carousels.

Among the rides is Batman: the Ride, which speeds you through the streets of Gotham City, and includes two vertical loops, two corkscrews and a heartline spin that produces a feeling of weightlessness.

Superman: Ultimate Flight uses state-of-the-art technology to create the feeling that you’re flying just like the Man of Steel. You travel face-first through 2,759-feet of track, zoom through a 78-foot “pretzel” loop at 60mph, and hurtle into dives, high-banked curves and spirals.

The Georgia Scorcher is 11 storeys high and has no seats – but with a maximum G-force of 4, you’ll be kept firmly in place as it barrels through a figure-eight, a corkscrew, and two vertical loops at speeds of up to 54mph.

Acrophobia invites you to face your fear of heights by taking you up a 20-story tower to then sending you on a free-fall straight down – all while you’re standing up. When you reach the top, your seat is tilted 15 degrees so you have no choice but to look straight down.

Among the park’s more gentle attractions are the Log Jamboree, a whitewater and waterfall ride that all the family can enjoy, and the Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster – a child-friendly rollercoaster.

When you’re not enjoying the rides, there are also plenty of restaurants and shops to visit throughout the park.

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