The Best Real Ale Pubs

London is famous for its nightlife. With this it has a large collection of pubs and restraints which not only provide with great drinks but definitely a nice hang out where people can have a good chill out. Following are few of the best real Ale pubs.
The Black Friar
The Friar is a most unusual tall wedge-shaped peculiarity; it is famous for the statue of a laughing monk which you can see over the front door. This pleasantly strange Victorian building, built upon the site of a 13th century Dominican priory is host to an even more complex interior, decorated out with picture and bronze reliefs of monks, and luminous stained glass.
Old Cheshire Cheese
Entering the Old Cheshire Cheese is like on foot through the wardrobe into Narnia. Best keep away from by those anguish from claustrophobia, or the freakishly big, it is effortless to get misplaced in this faintly lit, low level maze of various rooms and restaurants. A cozy open fire greets company into a room that has been host
Seven Stars
Even the famous Fire of London could not destroy the famous seven stars pub which is not only famous for its décor but also the meals it serve. The artwork and the antiques are worth a watch. The Seven Stars most strange usual is Tom Paine, a large black cat in a white disheveled collar who sits atop the bar like he owns the joint. Just don’t mess with him.
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