Traveling with Children, follow my top 10 tips to make it fun for everyone!

Travelling shouldn’t be stressful, it should be fun for everyone, after all travelling usually results in vacation. Children are unpredictable and this makes planning a trip a little more difficult, I have put together a top 11 list that should help you plan your trip a little better. I often travel from the north down to London, sometimes on the road sometimes in the air, choosing a friendly hotel like the Marble Arch London I know I am going to enjoy my break and the family will have fun too. Here are some tips on getting to your destination.

Travel off peak – Travelling at peak times and busy periods isn’t fun for anyone, being stuck in traffic can add unnecessary time to your trip. If you are flexible with times delaying and travelling through the night is usually the best with children.

Thought into packing – Pack your cases and bags, but make sure the children have their own bags with items in to keep them occupied, cards, travel board games, hand held devices, puzzle books, colouring and a snack.

Carefully plan your route – Make sure you plan your exact route, the roads the junctions check for road works and unpreventable delays, pack your children’s back seat bags accordingly.

Keep all documents together – Whether you are traveling by car or by plane, be sure to have everything you need, document’s any important details or papers, reservations or confirmations all in one place together and safe.

Rest Stops – Always include stops for children, it will allow for them to have fresh air, freshen up, stretch a little and a change of scenery can do the world of good, this is also important to the driver.

Traveling by plane – It might be cheaper for you to travel from an airport across country, but is it going to benefit the children when they also have a flight ahead of them, and no doubt a journey at the other side. Choose the airport close to you.

Prepare the children – Tell your children where you are going, show them pictures and let them get involved a little, make it fun and exciting, tell them all the fun they are going to have.

In car interaction – Keep your children engaged in the car, sing with them, pay games with them, eye spy, how many cars, and I went to the shop, they are all games that children enjoy and interact with.

Make it special for the children – Let the children think that this trip is all about them and for them, let them think that the vacation is a gift to them, they will feel special and are more likely to behave if they think this vacation is a gift.

Relax – Make sure you are relaxed, keep hydrated and comfortable, take pain meds to ease any back aches and take motion sickness tablets if you don’t do well traveling. If you are calm comfortable and relaxed, children usually are too.

Have fun – Have as much fun as possible and on the return re living the stories and experiences will help pass the travel time!

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