Travelling to London and staying fit.

When I go away for pleasure I like to kick back and relax, forget about the tread mill of life and enjoy myself. When I go away for business purposes I have to make sure I have a gym on site, or at least some equipment with me so I have relieve some tension that I usually build up during the day. As I often travel to London, there is only one London hotel, Marble Arch by Montcalm, it has everything I could possibly need to have a successful business trip and for me to be able to relax in whatever way I see necessary, either the use of the spa or a work out in the gym, sometimes getting my body pumped helps, other times a massage is just the thing, and this is why I choose the Marble Arch every time.

I understand completely that not every hotel has a gym, and sometimes you are not able to get a reservation close to where you need to be, so making do is essential, if I am every in this situation these are the pointers I follow.

Exercise bands – they are great for stretching and can fit in any luggage, not only are they a good idea of you want to warm up but they are brilliant after a long hall flight.

Location – Get to know the area, see if there is a track close by, a park, any open space, a lake, a rive anything that will make a run more enjoyable.

Water – Run with water bottles in your hands and weights around your ankles, again they are easy to pack and take up no room as all, it will allow for you to get the most out of your exercise.

Skipping rope – A good simple way for you to get your heart racing.

For the room – So long as you have enough room in your private space you are able to plank, do sit ups in sets and same with push ups.

Swimming – There is usually a pool around that you are able to swim in, use it and make the most of the waters.

Bike Hire – usually on holiday you will be able to hire a bike to ride about town, often more miles are covered than you think.

Being away does not have to stop you being fit and healthy, you should be able to improvise anywhere you go and make sure you can do some form of exercise, usually without realising we often do more walking when away, this again is a form of exercise and an effective one at that, mountain climbing, beach strolling or city shopping, it is all a method to keep your heart rate up. London has to be one of the best places for you to be able to visit, have fun and stay fit, there are so many opportunities for you to take advantage of, and so long as you pack accordingly you will have no problem in having a decent work out.

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