Watching London With A Different View

Everyone knows the quintessential London; the city has been explored by so many people that a picture of London is present today in everyone’s heart. Trafalgar square, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, London Bridge are the landmarks of London without which London has no existence. When a visitor comes to London, these are the places he visits first and sometimes these are the only places he visits on his visit to London.

Hence, the image of London never ceases to change in the visitor’s perspective; in some senses it is institutionalised and London remains confined to these iconic places. The quest is to look beyond them and find out different aspects of London which gives an insight into what London is in its entirety.

One way to do that is to go on the scary London tour. Yes, I am right you should go on the scary London tour to know about some of the gory and scary history of London. This is called the Blood and Tears Halloween Walk and talks about the places in London where serial killings had taken place or places of revolution where people lost their lives. Other diametrically opposite activity is to enjoy the tea history of London by indulging in the wonderful beverage on afternoon in London. The city has a special relation to tea and you will realise the true aspects of it when actually have it, in London, in the ambience or lazy London in which tea is best enjoyed. You can enjoy delicious bakery goodies along with your tea which will make it all the more desirable. These are the small activities pertaining to local culture in London that you can indulge in to get a different picture of London from the one you know from before.

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