Welcome to the heaven of foodies

London is full of food from all over the world and there are many good restaurants in London where you can enjoy authentic, high quality food ataffordable prices. British cuisine is made and altered depending on the climates of the cities. The British diet includes traditional elements like fish and meat and the most distinctive dishes include roast vegetables, Yorkshire pudding and lots of gravy. Other typical dishes like pudding, cheese on toast and meatloaf can be consumed along with any dish. There are a variety of sausages that are usually eaten with mashed potatoes. One of the most well-known London dishes is fish and chips. This is based on fried hake and served with French fries, usually garnished with vinegar and salt.To finish a meal, try apple pie or the well-known blueberry crumblefor dessert.

As well as the food, London is also known for tea. Afternoon tea is an English specialty, usually served at 5:00pm, and you can try different types and flavours here. For the local people, tea drinking is not just a routine, but also part of their culture. In London you will find many restaurants that serve regional and international specialities. If you want to enjoy British cuisine then Simpson’s-in-the-Strand is a great place to try a variety of traditional meat and fish dishes. The Rules restaurant, one of the oldest restaurants in the city, is another highly recommended place to enjoy traditional cuisine accompanied by a huge variety of puddings and desserts. London is very well known for seafood and roast beef is another of the city’s specialities. Roast beef is a delicious recipe that is served with a spicy horseradish sauce – don’t miss the Yorkshire pudding.

Salt beef bagel at Brick Lane Beigel Bake is one of the best snacks in the city, and you can also try a burger with mayo and mustard, but no bun. English cuisine has several idiosyncratic characteristic and shares ingredients and ideas with places like China, India and America. In earlier centuries, England food was distinguished by its simple form and usage of high quality natural raw materials, and this history can still be seen in old style cuisine. Traditional foods include bread and cheese, meat and vegetables or seafood. The Forme of Cury, which is a 14th-century English cookbook, has recipes for every food variety and dates back to the royal court of Richard II. Other foods like fish and chips were commonly eaten as urban street food with salt and pepper. Indian, French and Italian cuisine isnow widely accepted and highly popular.

Along with your food, you can enjoy a huge variety of drinks from cocktails to juices and from wine to beer. Restaurants range from large and spacious to small and cosy, and they can occasionally be very crowded on weekends, so it’s best to make a reservation. Ask the expert restaurant staff to help you choose the best options from the menu.

There are many good restaurants in London where you can find a huge range of cuisines such as continental, Indian, British, and Chinese. Take your time, check out all the available restaurants and see which one strikes your fancy. You can see details of the restaurants in your area online and decide which one is the best for you.There are thousands of different cafes, restaurants and bars to choose from, with experienced chefs who can pamper your taste buds with mouth-watering food. Eating out in London is no longer just a dream: you can have good food in a beautiful atmosphere with soft music in the background.

Enjoy your meal and have a delicious day.

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