How to plan effectively for an overseas trip

An overseas trip can be for a number of reasons; it could be for work, a weekend away or a family holiday. Planning effectively for an overseas trip will save a lot of time and cost in the long run. Look below for some tips that can help plan for a trip abroad.

  1. Get Insurance

It’s important to have travel insurance cover. A holiday is supposed to be a fun and relaxing time. However, if anything were to happen, then this could potentially cost you thousands. Travel insurance differs from company to company but overall, being fully covered is important. It is better to be safe than sorry!

  1. Choosing the airline

Many airlines offer a range of deals that are perfect for overseas flyers. For those who do “shop” around, it can make a difference in the price for a flight. Airlines offer discounts throughout the year and so there is always a chance to find the best deals.

  1. Choosing the right hotel

All destinations will have a mix of budget and 5* establishments on offer to tourists. The best deals can be found if thorough research is done. Even if a trip is last minute, there are last minute deals that can be found. Hotels may even provide some deals or packages that can help you save money. For example, an extra night could be offered for free or packages offering half price stay for children.

  1. Packing essentials

Especially for those who are only going overseas for a short period, packing only the essentials is important. Therefore, making a list before departure day will keep you organised with nothing unnecessary going into your luggage. For example, an adaptable charger will definitely be useful to take for charging your phone and other electricals you may wish to bring such as a Kindle or laptop.

Nothing could be worse than over packing and being forced to pay a charge to bring the luggage on board. The best way to tackle this is to check the weight restrictions on the chosen airline and the cost of bringing additional luggage.

  1. Save money at home

You wouldn’t throw money in the bin but this is exactly the case when people do not turn off their appliances. Therefore, you can save money whilst on holiday by turning off your appliances. There is no point having it switched on if no one is going to use it. You would be surprised how much is wasted by having appliances being constantly on. So save some money and help the environment simultaneously.

  1. Best way to pack

If packing essentials is important, what is the best way to pack? Rolling clothes and not folding it is the most effective way to pack luggage. By tightly rolling clothes, this leaves more room in the luggage. Straining to close luggage and desperately trying to draw zips together will be a distant dream.

  1. Notify the bank

If you intend to use your credit or debit card, your bank should be notified. If transactions are made abroad without you notifying the bank, it may detect this as fraud and block your card. However, also have cash available because not every place will accept cash.


  1. Mobile use

Bringing your mobile device and using it abroad can be costly. Of course you need your phone to communicate with friends and family but for those who have a smartphone, WhatsApp and Viber are free to send messages and makes calls respectively. Even recently, WhatsApp have introduced a calling option ensuring that calls and messages can be free on one platform. Mobile phones are just more than communicating with people. You can download films as well as watch things online, find information online and much more. However, a phone bill in the thousands can be shocking once you arrive home. How can this happen? Simply because 3G/4G roaming data wasn’t turned off. The best way to save money is to completely turn it off by using airplane mode, requesting your network for data roaming add ons, or using the Wi-Fi spots available.

  1. Grab a phrase book/download an app

If you are travelling to a foreign country, bringing a phrasebook is great way to interact with the locals and fully immerse yourself in the culture. Local people will certainly appreciate the efforts to try and talk to them in their language. Learning a few key phrases will give you confidence in speaking the language. Again, with those with smartphone use, downloading some apps in the language you need before you fly will be pretty useful. It can be easily uninstalled if it is not needed anymore plus, it saves the space in your luggage or travel bag.

  1. Have good expectations

There is a lot of planning required for a trip abroad as well as many important things to remember. This may be stressful at times but remember there will be an enjoyable holiday at the end of it all.

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