Why you should visit the Royal Palace this summer

This summer, between the August 1st and the 27th September, guests have the unique opportunity to visit the famous royal Buckingham Palace. With over 700 state rooms, a grand staircase, fine art, a throne room, and more – it gives visitors a spectacular insight into the lives of the Royal family. Tickets cost £20.50 for adults, and £11.50 for children aged between 5-17, and toddlers receive free entry.

The Queen’s residence is off limits throughout the major part of the year, and so it’s a special chance to be able to visit the Royal Palace this summer. The architecture, the art on show, the arches, the chandeliers, and the sheer grandeur of the venue is something to behold, and by visiting, you will be able to get a profound, personal view into the accommodations of the Royal family.

An audio and multimedia guide are available, helping you understand some of the history behind the various monuments. It’s worth noting that due to the sheer amount of space the palace takes, exploring its majestic interiors will take longer than you might think. Whether you’re visiting by yourself, with friends, or family – this is a venue in London that’s worth discovering.

A plethora of hotels near Oxford Street and Bond Street are available. Meaning, if you’re planning to visit London this summer, you won’t be short of options. The Marble Arch London is a fine example of a luxury accommodation due to its range of meetings rooms and conference facilities. Located close to major transport links, you can whisk yourself from any of the hotels in this area to the Buckingham Palace with ease. Found in South west London, you can reach the venue by taking the tube to St James Park or Hyde Park Corner.

Once you visit the Royal Palace, there are a few things you should look out for. Fascinatingly, when the Queen is in the residence – the flag shown is of the royal standard. While, when she isn’t present – the Union flag is raised. Other than that, with more than three hundred watch pieces, those interested by time pieces will find themselves in wonderland. The Royal Palace holds one of the largest collections of watches in London.

Inside, you will also find the Garden Café, and the Garden shop where you will be able to enjoy a range of light refreshments, and find a series of souvenirs to take back with you. You can also find a spectacular part of the palace that’s ordained with broth basis, cups and saucers, bibelots, and porcelain busts. You will find paintings by Van Dyck, Rubens, Rembrandt, as well as portraits of all the Royal family including Queen Victoria, giving you a wonderful view into the history of the Royal family.

In summary, the Buckingham Palace is a spectacular venue which delights the imagination in every sense. With such a variety of things to see and take pleasure in, those visiting will find more than a few things they especially love. Meanwhile, the warm, summery days in London will make your visit even better, and with the range of  hotels near Oxford and Bond Street – you won’t have a problem finding a local refuge close to the Buckingham Palace.

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