Visiting London in April to enjoy St George’s Day

St George’s day is a day of pure celebration, and this year in Trafalgar Square, guests will find a host of free activities, children’s games and food stalls to delight in. It’s a national day in England and is organized by the Mayor of London, and takes place on the 23rdApril. The historic value of the day lies in its 13th century origins tied to the mythical legend of St George and the slaying of a dragon, and is principally celebrated in many countries all over the world with a day of feasting. The event in Trafalgar square takes place on the 25th April, from noon until 6pm.

By visiting Trafalgar Square on the 25th April, you will be able to enjoy delectable treats from the market stalls; including pies and hog roasts. You can also dine in the food area especially made for the day right around Trafalgar Square’s iconic fountains, and you’ll also be able to enjoy live demonstrations from some fantastic chefs. Moreover, talented musicians and entertainers will be present at the site, and a range of craft and food workshops will be available. Meaning, not only is the day at Trafalgar square a celebration, it’s also an opportunity to learn skills, taste new foods, and appreciate the historic value of this special day.

Cheap hotels in Oxford Street are plentiful, meaning if you decide to stay in this area, you’ll be in a convenient location, not far from the festivities in Trafalgar Square around April. In addition, in April, the weather is a bit warmer, and the spring sun begins to shine a little more. With a London having a reputation for grey skies, and unstable weather, visiting in April might very well be the ideal time to visit. Also, you’ll be avoiding the massive infusion of tourists coming to visit in the summer, while prices for hotels tend to be a little more affordable during this period.

The area of Trafalgar Square and Oxford Street, besides the St Georges celebrations in April, has a ton to offer. Essentially, the area is the entertainment hub of London, with an array of theaters, a casino, night clubs, an expansive range of clothing and boutique stores, and fine restaurants and small food joints. You will also find the adjoining areas of Convent Garden, and China Town – synonymous with everything that’s related to China’s culture.

Every year, the St Georges celebrations tend to be hugely popular – with hundreds of people milling the area around the square. Trafalgar Square is ideal for gatherings like these, and is a principle tourist destination in London. It’s also where you can find the famous Nelsons Column. Besides that, you can find fabulous Hyde Park relatively close to the area; one the major Royal parks in London. In essence, if you are planning to visit London, then you’d do well by taking the day of the 25th April free for this special day that’s waits for you, and booking your stay in one of the cheap hotels in Oxford Street.

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