Airports: Where the Adventure Begins

The airport is where the excitement begins for your trip; the check in, duty free, watching aeroplanes take off to exotic lands and landing with grace and ease, the airport is a thrilling place to be. In the UK alone there are 201 airports ranging from Aberdeen to Belfast, from Birmingham to Cardiff and London Gatwick to Bristol, there are an array to choose from. Around the world, there are airports that take the experience to the next level, whether it be through their customer service, architecture, dining or shopping experiences, and here are a small list of airports that fit that criteria.

1.London Heathrow ready for busiest day

Starting at home, London Heathrow is the busiest airport in Europe and one of the top 10 busiest in the world! This impressive title is not unfounded with a staggering 5 terminals travelling to over 180 different destinations around the world. It truly is a majestic airport and is packed full of high end and high street goodies such as Ted Baker, Alexander McQueen, WhSmith and Boots; there are also shops for the children such as London’s famous toy store Hamley’s which is tucked up inside Heathrow’s Terminal 5. There are a vast selection of dining experiences to choose from whether you want a pleasant sit down meal or a quick snack, this airport caters for it all. There are a selection of airport hotels to choose from or there is an option to stay in the heart of London itself as there are direct links to Heathrow airport, for example, hotels near Oxford Street and Bond Street, which have ease of access to the airport while also being in the heart of the capital city. The hotels near Oxford Street and Bond Street suit budgets of all sizes, just make sure your room is big enough for all your shopping bags.

2.Hong Kong Airport

Rated one of the best airports in the world in 2014, Hong Kong airport saw a staggering 63.4 million passengers and 4.38 million tonnes of air freight last year alone. Connecting people to 180 worldwide destinations, it also houses a 9 hole golf course, an IMAX theatre and an aviation discovery centre. Not forgetting the little ones, Hong Kong airport is also home to the Dream Come True Education Park that allows children to experience what it is like to work in different job roles and allowing them to dress up to act the part.

3.Amsterdam Airport Schipol

A mere 20 minutes from Amsterdam City lies Amsterdam Airport Schipol. Opened in 1916, it boasts six runways and is a regular in the top 5 airports list due to 50 million travellers passing through its doors each year. There is also a chance to partake in some duty free shopping as well as relaxing in a bar with a drink before your flight. However, what sets this airport apart from the rest is its Airport Library that opened in 2010. Offering 1200 books from Dutch writers that have been translated into 29 different languages, it is a great place to relax and unwind before your travels.

4.Singapore Changi Airport

Housing a butterfly garden that contains over 1,000 beautiful butterflies, a four-floor high slide, a rooftop pool and a movie theatre, it is little wonder why Singapore Changi airport has been voted the best airport in the world. Its primary focus is to alleviate its fliers of all their stress and concerns; this is achieved through natural lighting from skylights, the koi pond and the stunning gardens that houses over 200 types of greenery and flowers, such as orchids and sunflowers. There is so much to do at this airport, including shopping and dining, that you will be hoping for a delayed flight!

5.Munich Airport

Munich Airport features in the Top 10 Airports regularly and it is easy to see why. This isn’t just an airport, it is also an activity centre for families where they are actively encouraged by the airport to go and enjoy a day out on the premises. There are tours which allows you to explore behind the scenes of a working airport, an 18 hole miniature golf course, a visitor’s park which holds a Kids’ Tower standing at 6 metres high and is in the developmental stages of being turned into different continents to suit different age ranges. The visitors park also holds an old aircraft and helicopter to explore as well as a visitors centre filled with information, games, a free cinema and a big playground.

Travelling with children can be a daunting task, especially when you need to keep the children entertained at the airport. Munich Airport has created Kinderland, an indoor play area that has an adventure plane, a ball pit, an arts and crafts area, games consoles, a reading corner and a fabulous make-up studio for all the little ladies who want to be transformed into princesses. After the trials and stresses of check in, head to Terminal 2 for the children to play and burn off that excess energy before your flight in the giant model plane. The children can explore, climb and become pilots while the adults relax with a drink at one of the restaurants nearby; a fantastic way to begin the holiday.

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