Jubilee Exhibition at Museum of Brands: Rare Peak Into the Lives of the Monarchy

As the Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her diamond jubilee in June 2012, organizations around the country erupted with joy and many organized unique ways to celebrate the 60 years. Continuing the celebration mood, the Museum of Brands has organized a Jubilee exhibition which is a display of rare articles about the queen during her reigning period from across the world, souvenirs, and rare photographs.

Collection at the Jubilee

The exhibition is an exceptional opportunity for common masses to catch a glimpse of the Queen and witness her journey from becoming a queen in 1953 to the present day 2012 celebratory parade when the Queen waved to the gathered crowd. All is captured in the exhibition aptly named Jubilee. The exhibition also manages to capture the present jubilee celebrations while also looking back to all the major happenings of the monarchy during the Queens rule – that is, photographs and articles are displayed of all major celebrations and jubilees as a memorabilia of the present celebration.

As the world descends to England to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee, what is attracting more and more people to the Museum of Brands is the rare photograph collection which captures the Queen is her various facets. The pictures are a journey from her coronation in 1953 to her Silver Jubilee celebrations in 1977 to the present Diamond Jubilee celebration in 2012. Apart from photographs, the exhibits also include rare monarchy related products which were released during the coronation and silver jubilee celebrations. These include royal symbol encrypted mugs, chocolate tins, lighters, and many more. Monarchy themed product including a well-preserved drink called Jubilade (released in 1977) is also put on display at the Museum of Brands.

Jubilee Celebration of 1897

The Museum also throws light on the fact that Queen Elizabeth II is not the only monarchy who has completed 60 years. The exhibition also reflects on the first diamond jubilee celebration which was held in Britain when Queen Victoria completed her 60 year rule in 1897. There are exhibits displayed of the celebration which included a Diamond Queen cigarette and a Nestle Milk rattle flag which were released to commemorate the event.

So, if you are interested in taking a walk along the glorious days of monarchy, then head for the Museum of Brands and check the collection called Jubilee from 3rd April to 31st August, 2012.

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